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Unique handmade Belarusian clothes. New Belarusian minimalism is the style of work by designers Karina Adesenka and Pavel Dounar. Simple shapes, modest colors, emphasized lines and silhouettes, ethnic and national accents and author’s embroidery are features of their brand HONAR. There is foundation of creating actual and unique things. You can find clothes HONAR and  Belarusian clothes and accessories of other designers in our online store honar.by!

Receive your orders in any country by post or choose courier delivery in Belarus. Take your order: Kujbyšava str., 22-6-106, Minsk.  Tuesday-Friday: 12.00-20.00, Saturday: 12.00-17.00. Payment: cash, credit card or electronic money. Our contacts: mobile +37529 628 38 73, +37529 779 08 58, e-mail: honar.adziennie@gmail.com
instagram: @honaradziennie

HONAR is clothes for people who have Honor!

Featured Products

  • Shirt Jaryła cotton 89 BYN 39 BYN
  • Shirt Tata linen 74 BYN
  • Shirt Dziady cotton 109 BYN