Payment and delivery

Online store delivers orders to any country. After you pay by card using the system «WEBPAY™» the order will be delivered to any address. The parcels delivered in Belarus may be paid in cash or by credit card as you pick it up from the post office. Also it’s possible to use the payment system АРІП («Разлік»).
If you want to pick up your order from our showroom, you can pay it in advance using АРІП «Разлік» or «WEBPAY™», or in cash in the showroom.
If while ordering you don’t see the sing “Not available now”, the good will be in the showroom or will be sewed during 10 days

Payment methods:

  1. In cash
  2. By credit card («WEBPAY™»)
  3. Using system АРІП («Разлік»)
  4. In cash picking the parcel up from the post office (C.O.D.)

If you want to pay by credit card, don’t forget to send an email to and specify the availability of goods

After the payment by credit card, please, keep receipts (it’s the proof of payment in online store for an account statement to confirm operation in case of a dispute




Online store accepts cards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard, national Белкарт using the system of electronic payments «WEBPAY™» and after payment deliver orders to any country

To pay by credit card you need to:

  1. Make the order by shopping cart
  2. Choose “Pay by credit card by system «WEBPAY™»”
  3. After filling in the personal details the system will redirect you to the payment page
  4. Enter the details and confirm the payment

When the payment is successfully completed, your order will be shipped by post, delivered by courier, will be waiting for you in the showroom

The usage of the system «WEBPAY™» guarantees the security of payments. Data transmissions performed on a separated channel using modern encryption methods. Any possibility of interception of confidential information is excluded. Data is transmitted in encrypted form and stored only on a dedicated server «WEBPAY™»

If you want to return or change the order, if you have some questions, you always can call +375 29 628-38-73 (10.00-20.00, daily)or send us an email to

The refund can be made only to the same credit card you used while paying




АРІП («Разлік»)

The usage of the system АРІП («Разлік») allows you to pay at convenient time in a convenient place (Bank, ATM, Infokiosk, Online bank, Mobile bank, ect.). A complete list of banking service.
You can pay for the order in cash, by credit card or electronic money (WebMoney, EasyPay), or using remote banking tools

To pay using system АРІП («Разлік») you need to:

  1. Make the order by shopping cart
  2. Choose “Pay by credit card by system АРІП («Разлік»)”
  3. Confirm the order
  4. Receive the number of the order
  5. Pay for the order using system АРІП («Разлік») using the number of the order:
  • Online stories/services
  • H
  • by
  • Enter the order number
  • Enter amount
  • Check this information
  • Confirm the payment

If you pay in a bank, please, tell the cashier that you need the payment transaction using system АРІП («Разлік»).
When the payment is successfully completed, your order will be shipped by post, delivered by courier, will be waiting for you in the showroom

Delivery of orders by courier in Belarus

Online store delivers the orders by courier in Belarus. This service is available for all our clients because we cooperate with operator «Наша Пошта» (“Nasha pochta”). ЗАТ «Наша Пошта» is the largest private post operator in Belarus and the largest private post office network

Courier delivery advantages:

  • 80% of parcels will be delivered to customer the next day after shipping (if you order until 4 p.m.)
  • Other parcels will be delivered during 2-3 days (to distant areas)
  • You can pay to the courier in cash or by credit card (C.O.D.), or in advance using the system АРІП («Разлік») or system «WEBPAY™».
  • You can try on the clothes, which you ordered, and then pay your order
  • You can refuse the order if it doesn’t fit/suit you


Delivery of orders by post

РУП «Белпошта» (“Belpost”) delivers the orders in Belarus and to any country in the world. Orders are shipped twice a week. The costs of internal delivery or international delivery you can see, when you make an order by shopping cart in our online store If you need, you can get a tracking code. Delivery time in Belarus is 4-5 days, to another country is about 2 weeks. The delivery time begins to go, when the postal organization receives the parcel. Holidays and weekends may influence on the delivery time. We are not responsible for the delays of parcels due to the fault of the postal organization

If you want to return the order, you should know that the costs of delivery aren’t returned to you. If you want to change the goods, which we sent by post, every new parcel will be paid additionally

If you have some questions about the delivery or if the order is delayed (more than 60 days), please, send us an email to